The Ultimate Guide on Traveling Solo to Thailand

Guide on Solo Travel to Thailand

Do you know any lovely yet easier destination to visit solo? So, if you want to experience solo travel, a good place to do this is Thailand. People often refer to Thailand as The Land of Smile because the locals are always welcoming. Plus, a bunch of solo travelers that follow the same traces that you’ll be searching for- the secret gems to shy away from the crowds.

It is easy to solo travel while in Thailand. This is because Thailand endorses tourism, and since it is famous for its stunning beaches and party lifestyle, it has become a favorite destination spot, especially for solo travelers. In this guide, you will learn to solo travel and explore Thailand so that you can experience the best moments of your life in this beautiful country.

Which Places Should You Visit Solo in Thailand?

Thailand has more to offer other than the lovely night experiences and lively beaches. The ancient culture intense here. There is also a lot of magnificent palaces and other ancient structures. Take Nakhon Pathom, for instance, has survived for centuries and boasts many Buddhist structures.

Another nice spot to travel and explore is Ayutthaya. This ancient city used to be capital Thailand. Today though, it’s been regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with plenty of lovely ancient palaces, religious structures, as well as cultural shows.

Others best places in Thailand you could travel and check out include:

  • Chiang Rai
  • Pai
  • Phanom Rung
  • Railay

When it comes to the beaches, you will never find the time to explore them in Thailand because there are a lot of things to see and experience. But for starters, begin with the Surathani, after that travel and visit the Koh Phangan and Ko Samui.

If you are a party lover, you will fall in love with Koh Phangan as it often hosts full and black moon parties at Koh Som. So, free your spirit to the hedonistic beats while dancing barefoot. Haadrin beach also sports a lot of solo travelers.

Koh Samui is only a boat ride away. This is perhaps the largest island in Thailand boasting palm-fringed beaches. For solo introverts, there are quieter areas of the island. A good example would be Bo Phut, a little heaven on earth where you can experience cool waves all day all night.

How Should You Get Around in Thailand?


Many visitors use a bus to solo travel around Thailand. Places such as Bangkok and Sukhothai are easy to access via road. Buses are also cheap, and most of them even offer meal vouchers to travelers.


Bangkok offers two boast choices to access the primary tourists’ spots in the country. There are the blue flag and the orange flag boat. The former does not attract a lot of people, but it is costlier while the latter is a normal boat but is always crowded.


Other than buses, the next popular mode of transport in Thailand is a train. However, trains are often flooded with people traveling solo. So, if you would like a little privacy, consider a first-class or second class. When making reservations, make sure that you mention the class that you want to board, or else you will automatically be booked a third-class sit, and you surely do not want that to happen.


These are common in Thailand. Even though the Tuk-tuks fume-cloaked and noisy, you will be able to take you around Thailand, especially in the capital city. What is interesting is that you will pay the same fare regardless of the number of passengers. So, ensure that you agree on the fare before you hop into one and ensure you have the right cash on arrival. While the language barrier may prevent you from negotiating your way into the Tuk-tuk, you will need someone or a platform to translate thai to English.


With taxis, accessing different parts of the country can be easy. You want a taxi urgently? Stand near the road and “pat-down.” Once you get into the taxi, ensure the meter is activated immediately; otherwise, you may end up paying more.

Best Places to Get Food in Thailand

Thailand has many great eatery spots. If you like to dine solo, the best places to go to are at the local night market. Here, you will find a lot of mobile hotels that sell different types of local dishes that many travelers enjoy. Other than the tasty food, you will also be able to mingle the locals and other visitors too. Nearly all towns in this country have these mobile kitchens selling noodles 24/7, so you can always eat whenever you’re hungry.

The Best Way to Meet With The Locals and Other Travelers

If you are an outgoing individual who likes to mingle with others, visit favorite destinations for vacationers like ones discussed above. Hostels are also ideal for meeting travelers from different regions. Alternatively, you can live along Khao San Road. NapPark is also a decent area with a common sitting area and a Television room. Another approach to mingle with people participating in group activities.

Here is what you can do- attended cookery classes or day trips. Moreover, you can enroll in a Cookery School.

Safety in Thailand When Traveling Solo

This country is extremely harmless to both solo male and female vacationers, and regardless of various trafficking scandals, ladies less likely to draw attention during vacation.

Note, however:

You should never use unregistered taxis and do not travel with strangers to your home, especially if you are traveling solo. You should also be logical when making decisions, and you will never find yourself in any problems. For solo females, there are many female-oriented hostels and dorms.

Keep in mind…

Drug-mugging is common in this country. When traveling solo, do not take anything from strangers, especially at a party or on a bus or a train, because they are perfect spots for thieves. So, ensure your belongings are intact at all times.